Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

There are over 41,012 businesses in Melbourne, Australia. If you want to grow your business, you need to take advantage of the best digital marketing in Melbourne offers.

If you’re in Melbourne, an excellent digital marketing agency can help you get your brand out to the greater Melbourne area, as well as to an Australia-wide or international audience.

An online marketplace or a competitive Melbourne market can be challenging to breakthrough. So, you must tailor your digital marketing strategies to the specific needs and goals of the company to be effective.

Filament: The Digital Marketing Agency for Melbourne Businesses

At Filament, we specialise in making a tangible difference to spark your company’s B2B growth and measurable results.

We are deeply experienced in improving the digital performance of Melbourne businesses from our headquarters in Sydney.

We work with businesses across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the United States.

Involving the Filament team in your strategic planning allows us to become your go-to strategic partner for driving exceptional growth.

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Why Partner With Filament for Digital Marketing Services in Melbourne?

If you want to see your business succeed in the digital world, you can count on us. Filament provides the best value for the results you achieve.

Strategically, we have a unique focus on delivering results with measurable digital marketing services. Sydney is home to the Australian headquarters of our company, so we’re familiar with the Australian market.

Melbourne-based businesses can count on us to provide fresh ideas. Our digital strategists develop compelling strategies and implement dependable digital marketing solutions as their digital marketing partners. We take a proactive approach to performance marketing to help you achieve the results you desire for your business.

Does Digital Marketing Work in 2023 for businesses in Melbourne, Australia?

Yes, digital marketing is still effective in 2023 and can represent a critical part of a company’s growth strategy.

Traditional marketing methods have many drawbacks, but online marketing has many benefits. Next, we will look at how we can use digital marketing in 2023 to our advantage.

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Our Strategic Approach to Digital Marketing in Melbourne, Australia

Working with the Filament digital marketing company means taking a strategic and holistic approach to your company’s online presence and digital marketing efforts.

When you work with your dedicated account manager and go through our customer discovery process, you can feel confident that we’ll help you achieve your business objectives.

Digital marketing strategies that deliver results, powered by data

Our obsession with data allows us to make a difference through insights, business intelligence, and strategy. It’s for this reason that our results-driven approach aligns with your company’s goals.

Marketing and sales funnels provide direction

We will create campaign tactics using funnels as a foundation with your input to optimise your successful digital marketing campaign. When a customer first discovers they have a need, funnels help you structure their journey from that point onward. It includes:

  • How they learn about your products and services
  • How they transition from marketing to sales
  • How you nurture the potential buyer.

With the right marketing automation software, leads can be nurtured and followed up automatically in alignment with your set sales process.

90-Day sprints deliver compounding results

Using a 90-day sprint approach can help you improve your marketing and lead generation strategies. Consistent campaigning yields ever-increasing benefits, including driving more traffic to your website.

When campaigns are aligned with a set sales process, an improvement in conversion rate can be seen resulting in more sales. That’s because if you’re providing your customers with valuable and relevant content, you’ll keep generating leads.

Content planning ensures consistency

Choosing the proper publishing schedule for your campaign content to your website and multiple platforms of social media ensures that your communications are “always-on” and consistent. Having a plan for your content ensures that everyone on your team knows what you’re conveying.

We are way more than just marketing supplier

Our entire focus is on achieving your goals, which is why we go above and beyond being a supplier who follows orders. We go to great lengths to get to know your business, goals, and your target audience so that we can offer you advice, plan with you, and work together.

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What Does a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne Do?

Digital marketing agencies focus on developing and implementing the right digital strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Every digital agency Melbourne should deliver essential digital marketing services for each of their clients and their unique business goals.

First, the purpose of a creative digital agency Melbourne is to conduct a strategy to expand lead generation. Our job is to stay on top of local real and digital trends to provide you with the best plan.

Digital marketing strategy

Every strategy development starts with a goal. In most cases, this goal is to get and convert new leads. Whether looking for a macro approach or targeting a granular audience, the digital world provides solutions to reach every demographic.

The strategies we most commonly support businesses in Melbourne, Australia, with include:

  • Strategy for bringing new products and services to market with online marketing and digital marketing campaigns
  • Innovative market entry strategies for expanding the reach of existing products and services into new markets, verticals, and niches
  • Increasing brand awareness, demand for products and services, and lead generation.

Digital marketing campaigns and content marketing

Digital marketing campaigns and content marketing are core to your strategy. Successful campaigns promote your content on social media channels, emails, and even pay-per-click campaigns in your search engine marketing.

Once you’ve created your content, you need to send it to prospective leads. There are many ways to do this. Let’s start with the first one.

Email marketing

Any successful business has a list of potential customers’ email addresses. If you don’t, we can assist you in setting one up. Once you have an email list or database, it’s time to share your content.

Best practice email marketing focuses on a specific audience that has already expressed an interest in your company’s products or services. At Filament, we excel at creating email marketing schedules with key performance indicators in mind.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tried-and-true strategy for powerful websites getting in front of prospects organically through search engines like Google. When you write a new piece of content, it’s a good idea to include a link back to an existing web page or digital domain.

In-depth knowledge of tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics can help businesses better understand their current performance and identify business growth opportunities.

With search engine optimisation, one size does not fit all, especially when considering:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

Building a flexible and efficient SEO strategy is best done on a case-by-case basis for our clients and their specific business objectives.

Digital advertising

Many of your target markets are on smartphones, tablets, and computers. With digital advertising, you can reach people all over the world. Whether you’re focusing on the Melbourne region or a broader region of Australia.

As a result, pay-per-click advertising is an excellent option for businesses that want to target specific demographics. The success of an ad campaign hinges on increasing ad conversion rates and attracting the right customers to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media advertising, such as LinkedIn advertising, advertising via media publications, and other networks are all examples of digital advertising platforms and channels. The goal is to increase the amount of traffic to a website.

Search Engine Marketing

Another name for digital advertising is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM mainly comprises Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a little different from SEO. When you use pay-per-click advertising tools like Google Ads, you’re engaging in search engine marketing. A Google Ads agency facilitates or manages pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC.

That way, you’ll appear when someone searches for a term related to your business and result in more leads when targeted website visitors engage with your high quality content. You pay for the search engine when a potential customer clicks on your Google Ads. As Google Ads specialists, we devise the most effective strategy for you and your target audiences. We’ll continue to assist in the lead conversion process from here on out.

Web design and web development

If you’re serious about running a successful business in Melbourne Australia, you must have a digital presence, especially a website. Consumers are more likely to use your service or buy from you if you have a compelling website. Companies without a website find it difficult to grow in today’s world.

A well-rounded web design and web development service can better serve the online customer experience, foster greater engagement, and add more conversions.

Your new website can:

  • Boost your brand’s visibility
  • Help you rank higher in Google’s search results
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Generate more qualified leads along your unique customer journey.

All with the help of professional web design services.

An effective digital marketing strategy for expanding your customer base with more clients is to create a website and content tailored to your ideal customers.

Social Media Marketing

When assessing digital marketing channels available to you, a great way to expand your online presence than using social media marketing.

LinkedIn is an essential social media platform for generating B2B leads in Melbourne, Australia. The number of monthly active users on LinkedIn in Australia was 6.5 million in 2020. According to LinkedIn, 73% of Australian businesses use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients.

Using social media advertising strategies on LinkedIn, you can reach highly-targeted audiences with your content marketing.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne?

Digital marketing may occur online, but local knowledge still reigns supreme.

Understanding a local audience also aids in the development of the digital marketing strategy’s validity and trustworthiness. As your digital marketing company, our team is constantly aware of emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the local market.

Strategic planning objectivity

Your company can benefit from new ideas if it has access to advice from third-party partners. Companies can become echo chambers and lose touch with the mindsets of potential customers, which can have a negative impact.

Access a team of digital marketing experts

Hiring a single marketing manager limits your company’s potential. Having only one person in charge means concentrating all the resources in a small potential area.

Working with a digital marketing agency familiar with the entire sales cycle will address and tailor all your potential capabilities to your specific requirements.

Capacity is scalable

It’s challenging to expand your marketing efforts by increasing your marketing team and bringing on extra resources. Working with an agency has many benefits, such as growing as your business grows.

With only one person in charge of marketing, you limit the ability to grow. At Filament, we can help your business adapt and ramp until you’re ready to develop the team internally.

Reliable consistency

You’re already running a business, which means managing the day-to-day and overcoming unexpected obstacles. It’s challenging to keep up with marketing while juggling your other responsibilities.

Engaging a digital marketing company ensures the reliable consistency of your digital strategy’s implementation. We’ll keep you up to date on everything.


Using a marketing agency in Melbourne provides a higher level of accountability. Digital marketing has its own set of deliverables, actions, and goals.

With a fixed fee for services, you hold a full-service digital agency accountable to deliver on its promises or risk losing you as a client.

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How Do You Choose the Best Melbourne Digital Marketing Company?

It is challenging to choose the best agency to fulfil your marketing needs. When assessing digital agencies in Melbourne, you need to look for specific elements to ensure you’re picking the best team to support you.

Here are some tips for features you should look for and consider while making your decision.

Outcomes focussed

Have you established the SMART goals for your sales and marketing?

The right agency will help you map out how you meet your goals. So long as you know your desired outcomes, your digital marketing agency should focus on getting you there.

If you’re unsure what your desired outcomes are, your agency should help you establish what they are and how to measure success. You should never be doing marketing for its own sake. The more focussed you are, the more successful you’ll become.

Proactive management

Working with an agency means you’re handing over a lot of headwork to a team of experts. Campaigns require proactive management to stay relevant and are not the type of thing you want to set and forget. That isn’t the right approach.

Any digital agency should be consistently working on expanding and adapting. Keeping an open dialogue with your sales team can deliver beneficial outcomes.

Forecasting trends in your target customers’ behaviour or coming up with better ways to qualify leads for your sales team is an excellent example of proactive management. Similarly, staying on top of the latest updates and tools available shows real expertise.

Upfront pricing and ROI discussion

Have you received a proposal from your prospective agency yet? Do the proposed fees and deliverables make sense to you? They should.

Whether you’re a business owner or leader, you’ll be looking for detail on your marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

Specificity is key to all successful marketing campaigns and having meaningful discussions about ROI expectations in the context of upfront pricing helps build trust between teams.

One can use several metrics to determine successful ROI from their agency. You should evaluate these pathways before engaging with a digital marketing agency.

Before engaging with a digital marketing agency, you need to ensure you’re well abreast of what you’re signing up for. One size does not fit all with the digital landscape.

Data-driven and transparent

Part of the ROI discussion is the use of transparent metrics. Tracking different marketing data points shows what’s working and not in your marketing strategy. A lack of transparency isn’t ideal.

Your digital marketing agency should use data to guide decision-making to be as specific and trustworthy. Evidence-based decision-making is a core strength of the Filament teams.

We provide detailed reports and insights to ensure transparency throughout our process. The data shown in these reports helps you understand your growth.

Works seamlessly alongside your team

Does your prospective agency fit with your corporate culture? Your existing company has a vision, and your agency needs to be a passionate team that aligns with yours.

You wouldn’t hire an internal marketing specialist if they didn’t fit in with you. The same thinking is a requirement when choosing a digital agency.

Communication structures are a great way to tell if there is a unified approach. The right agency will want to know as much about your company as possible. Generating vision is a collaborative effort.

Try to provide as much information as possible. A strong focus on successful outcomes comes from developing a deep understanding of your organization. Your digital marketing team also needs to know your customers as you do.

Your agency’s job is to present you in the most honest way possible. Seamless integration doesn’t always come naturally, but you’ll know it when it’s there.

How Much Do Digital Marketing Agencies Cost?

No two marketing strategies are the same. Each company has a unique set of customers, and the cost varies depending on your requirements.

Online advertising costs by the channel and choosing the proper channels depend on your target audience. Your budget is also important to establish ahead of time.

Your business should have complete control over what you spend. Using data-driven analytics to guide decision-making helps reduce cost through strategic action.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business With Melbourne’s Best Digital Marketing Agency?

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We can’t wait to help you as you grow your business in Melbourne and beyond!