Transforming Storio's Positioning and Website for the US Data Protection Market

Technology providers today operate in an extremely competitive and high-performing environment. To attract and retain new clients, an organization’s digital go-to-market, especially their website, need to be informative, compelling and outperform with design and performance.

When US-based data protection provider Storio faced the challenge of articulating its unique value proposition and differentiating itself effectively in the highly competitive tech market, they turned to Filament.

In this case study, we will show how Filament collaborated with Storio to create a digital experience that not only communicates their offerings but also sets them apart in their industry to drive business growth.

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About Storio

Storio is a US-headquartered backup and disaster recovery provider helping Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow and be more efficient by providing secure off-site backup and disaster recovery solutions. To provide the best services, Storio partners with the industry-leading backup and disaster recovery provider Veeam Software and has created affordable, manageable and scalable solutions around them. Storio provides MSPs a full suite of flexible data protection solutions, from Veeam licensing through to a fully managed data protection offering.

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Industry: Data Protection Market
Company Type: Aggregator, Data Protection Services
Primary Offering: Managed Data Protection, DRaaS, BaaS
Target Market: MSPs in North America
Vendor Channels: Veeam

Filament Services Engaged:

We knew we needed a new website to support Storio’s growth strategy, but the result Filament delivered is so much more than that. Our new website clearly articulates our value proposition and why MSPs should choose Storio for their data protection needs. This strategic approach to website design and development will undoubtedly underpin our company’s growth and position us as a leader in the data protection industry.”

– Jay Echinique, CEO, Storio

The challenge: a digital presence that aligned with their ambition

Storio had built their business by implementing a laser focus on their MSP clients’ business challenges and was executing a strategy to expand its reach across North America.

Recognising that the website is the most important marketing tool in their arsenal, their challenge was to refresh their website to clearly communicate the problems they helped MSPs to solve, create better visitor journeys and update their visual identity to increase relevance. They also wished to build the foundations to attract more prospects organically.

An additional challenge the team faced was that it was too time-consuming and difficult to get website changes and updates made to the website. As a result, information would go out of date or would be incorrect, leading to less than ideal outcomes for prospects and customers.

How Storio approached us

Storio’s team was researching competitive positioning and value proposition when they found Filament online. After a no-obligation conversation, it was clear to the team that Filament’s understanding of the B2B tech industry, extensive experience supporting Veeam partners and a well-defined approach to web design and development warranted further discussions.

With a clear project scope, defined methodology and a transparent pricing model, Storio appointed Filament to refresh its positioning and website.

The Solution: Designing a custom website that stands out, cuts through and converts

The website design & development project was planned in recognition of the fact that there are multiple audiences, i.e. target buyer personas or Ideal Client Profiles (ICPs), that the website needed to serve. These included emerging or growing MSPs and mature MSPs, and those needing a fully managed or a self-managed solution.

In collaboration with the Storio team, we developed a clear and compelling value proposition, why visitors are coming to the website, where they’ll coming from, and what the points of pain are. Based on this we developed a website strategy that provided an upfront wireframe of web pages to inform our perspective of what sort of website content will be most effective.

To ensure a consistent brand message is communicated and reflected, we developed a new Website Style Guide.

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website style guide | Filament
MSP Pain Points | Filament
Storio eliminates pain points | Filament
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The Benefit: A clearly-articulated and differentiated value proposition

The compelling value proposition became headline content of the homepage: “Increase the profitability and efficiency of your MSP with Managed Data Protection Services. Protect your MSP clients with the data protection services they need, while eliminating the complexity, time-intensive overheads and costly setups that are slowing your MSP down.”

These themes carried through both the creation of the copy, the development of the visual identity that the site would represent, as well as the UX and the UI of the new website. By doing so, Filament was able to deliver a website that not only looks stunning but offers multiple journey entry points across a variety of pages to constantly engage and nurture site visitors.

In addition, a significant amount of website copy was written, guided by SEO research and search intent led content clustering. As part of this we developed a range of new pages added to ensure the site was able to address the unique needs of different buyer personas, to facilitate different user journeys and also to improve organic traffic performance.

You can see a preview of the pages at the bottom of this case study to give you a better sense of the volume of content developed for this project.

The Result: A high-performing website for MSP buyer journeys

The result is a high-performing website that keeps pace with the company’s strategic intent while also enabling a customer and user journey that reflects how Storio is attracting, nurturing and converting new MSPs.

The project was executed seamlessly, adhering to timelines and budgets. This achievement ensures that Storio can confidently allocate its resources towards furthering its mission of providing cutting-edge backup and disaster recovery solutions to MSPs.

The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of the website have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs of various buyer personas. Storio’s value proposition is now not only clearly articulated but also strategically positioned to resonate with its target audiences. This approach empowers the company to attract a diverse range of clients and partners, fostering growth and diversification.

Furthermore, the new website boasts an extraordinary aesthetic appeal, capturing the essence of Storio’s innovation-driven spirit. Its modern and captivating design not only makes a lasting impression but also reflects Storio’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

Ultimately, the successful completion of this website design and development project underpins Storio’s strategic growth, positioning the company as an industry leader and a trusted partner for MSPs seeking top-tier backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Storio also engaged Filament for ongoing managed website support. From quick updates to making layout changes, we made it so much easier for the team to complete miscellaneous website tasks and periodically update the content of your website. This also included fast and reliable website hosting, resulting in good core web vitals and better user experience.

In summary, this case study demonstrates that a well-executed website redesign can bring about a multitude of benefits for a business. It enables efficient resource allocation, improves user engagement through UX/UI enhancements, attracts diverse clientele through a well-articulated value proposition, and enhances brand appeal for sustained growth.

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