10 July 2023

10 Best B2B Tech & IT Websites to Inspire Your Tech Website Design

Explore top-notch B2B tech and IT websites in this blog post that are sure to inspire your tech website design. Boost your digital presence, optimize user experience, and gain a competitive edge from these industry-leading web designs.

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In today’s competitive world, creating a successful online marketing and sales engine requires more than well-calculated digital marketing strategies. It’s essential to have a well-designed and compelling website.

A tech company’s success is heavily influenced by website design and website development for technology companies.

That’s why B2B marketers of tech companies can benefit significantly from analyzing the top 10 B2B technology and information technology websites. Let’s look at some of the most compelling sites to get inspired. 

Importance of a Well-Designed B2B Tech Website for Your Business

You already know that a B2B tech website can help you grow your brand. However, for you to realize its full potential as your most critical marketing asset, you need to create a compelling B2B tech website that attracts, engages and converts. 

Let’s explore some key benefits of having a well-designed B2B tech website:

  • It offers you the opportunity to display your business and its values to your potential customers.
  • You get to flex your web design skills in the competitive technology industry
  • It’s the ultimate cheat code for attracting and retaining visitors. That’s because you offer them value through engaging content and user-friendly features
  • With the right calls to action to optimize your conversion funnel, you can convert visitors to leads or customers
  • You can use client testimonials, awards you’ve received, or case studies to establish credibility.
  • You can display your expertise with custom graphics, video content, and animated graphics.
  • A well-designed website helps you boost your online presence. Take advantage of SEO optimization and social media integration.

Key Elements and Principles of a Good Tech Website Design

Would you like the web page for your technical website to be useful, detailed, and express its purpose? Well, your web design must adhere to a number of rules and guidelines. Here are a few things that web designers should keep in mind:

  • Clear and Organized Structure
  • Engaging Visuals
  • Comprehensive and Accurate Content
  • Responsive Design
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Performance and Speed
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Accessibility
  • Interactive Elements
  • Social proof and testimonials to build trust and position yourself as an expert.

Remember that the specific design elements and principles may change based on your intended audience, industry, and objectives for the technological website. 

You need to study your target market and keep up with the latest web design, trends and best practices in the IT sector.

Top 10 B2B tech and IT websites that will inspire and elevate your own tech website design

Here are the top 10 B2B tech and IT websites that will inspire and elevate your own tech website design:

snyk tech website design | Filament

1. Snyk

When it comes to protecting your application’s data, code, and infrastructure in the cloud, Snyk is the developer security platform you need. Snyk offers robust security features and tools with the goal of enabling developers to create safe apps.

How Snyk’s Website Design Reflects Its Brand Identity and Values

Snyk’s website design is in harmony with its brand identity and values through the site that emphasizes clarity through straightforward navigation. This approach embodies Snyk’s pledge to supply developers with accessible security solutions.

The minimalistic but intuitive layout demonstrates that the intricate realm of developer safety measures is part of their cornerstone for success. 

The modern design language leaves an impression of professionalism that aligns with other tech industry top-leading firms that cater to safeguarding technology companies and platforms’ interests.

Not only does this design enhance user interaction, but it also reassures visitors about trusting Snyk as they explore its services’ diverse capabilities, which they could utilize.

Best Features and Aspects of Snyk’s Website Design

  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Clear Value Propositions
  • Engaging Visuals such as illustrations, screenshots, and animations
  • Detailed product images, descriptions, use cases, and customer testimonials contribute to building trust and credibility
  • Responsive design for an optimal experience across different devices and screen sizes.
vmware tech website design | Filament

2. VMware

VMware, Inc. is a market leader in the provision of cloud and virtualization services through its proprietary software. Its clientele spans the public and private sectors in areas including telecom, healthcare, retail, and finance.

How VMware’s Website Design Showcases Its Expertise and Authority

The VMware brand is synonymous with its tech products, expertise, reliability, and innovation. Its website design effectively showcases these qualities, creating a strong impression of authority and professionalism on the tech company or website.

Here are some key aspects of VMware’s website design that contribute to its brand positioning:

  • Clean and Professional Layout: The VMware website style is clean and professional looking, with a standard color palette and fonts throughout. Visitors can better focus on the information because of the liberal use of white space.
  • Striking Visuals: VMware’s graphics and images are of the highest quality, demonstrating the company’s tech prowess. Brand legitimacy and market leadership are bolstered by visuals showing cutting-edge information technology infrastructure, data centers, and virtualization technologies.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: VMware’s website is built with the user experience in mind, so navigating it is a breeze. Visitors may immediately access the data they require thanks to the menu’s user-friendliness and straightforward structure. Having a search bar available as you browse is a huge time saver.

Best Features and Aspects of VMware Website Design

Here’s a breakdown of the best features and aspects of VMware website design:

A compelling homepage: VMware’s homepage shows you VMware’s products and solutions with their benefits.

The product page features a grid layout: Here you will find the different VMware’s products for your cloud computing, and virtualization needs.

The solutions page features a list layout: In the solutions page, you’ll see how VMware’s products help different industries. For every solution there’s a high quality photo, a title composed of bold colors. You’ll also see a product summary featuring white spaces and a call-to-action button with bright colors.

A resources page to help you learn more about VMware: The resources page features a filtered list that directs you to blogs, high quality photos and webinars.

VMware’s website design also features other pages like:

  • The events page with a calendar view
  • The company page with timeline design showing VMware’s milestones
hpe tech website design | Filament

3. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a well-known IT company that provides businesses with a wide variety of tech hardware and software. HPE is a tech market leader because of its broad tech and enterprise products, solutions, and services. Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, Financial Services, and Corporate Investments are just some examples of the business divisions the tech company operates under to serve the many facets of the IT industry.

How HPE’s Website Design Creates a Captivating and Immersive User Experience

HPE’s website is designed with the user in mind, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility to content. Users may quickly get the details they want, thanks to the thorough design. A better user experience is achieved by the website’s usage of both high-quality images and well-structured information. 

The site’s responsive design provides interoperability across numerous platforms, making it simple for visitors to peruse HPE’s offerings regardless of the device they’re using to access the site, be it a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

HPE’s website design does a great job of showcasing the company’s goods, services, and solutions in a way that’s easy to understand. Users are able to easily grasp just what all HPE provides because of the website’s lucid product and service descriptions. In order to help visitors understand more about HPE tech products and make educated judgments, the site also has case studies, blogs, videos and other tips.

Best Features and Aspects of HPE’s Website Design

  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Responsive Design: The website is optimized for different devices, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of the device used to access the site.
  • Visual Appeal
  • Valuable Content
  • Clear Call-to-Action guides users to take specific actions such as requesting a quote, contacting sales, or exploring additional resources.
netapp tech website design | Filament

4. NetApp

NetApp Inc is a leading company based in California that specializes in storage systems and data management solutions. They offer a wide range of software and hardware products, serving industries such as energy, finance, tech, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, and telecommunications.

With a global presence and a focus on improved productivity and performance, NetApp helps organizations optimize their data management and storage needs worldwide.

How NetApp’s Website Design Inspires Trust and Confidence in Its Users

  • Clean and modern layout
  • Intuitive navigation for easy information retrieval
  • Clear and concise language to communicate product value
  • Showcases customer success stories to demonstrate expertise
  • Comprehensive product information and tech resources
  • Customer support options available

Best Tech Websites Features and Aspects of NetApp’s Website Design

  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Engaging Visuals
  • Clear Product Descriptions
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Technical Resources and Support
splunk tech website design | Filament

5. Splunk

Splunk was founded in 2003 with the objective of making the digital world safer and more resilient through its global operations. By utilizing their suite of software options coupled with APIs and app solutions, they help organizations achieve digital resilience while also boosting adaptability. 

How Splunk’s Website Design Appeals to its Target Audience and Reflects Its Brand Personality

Visiting Splunk’s website can feel welcoming for all visitors seeking information about their products or services. The conversational tone used throughout the site respectfully acknowledges that some individuals may have different levels of understanding when it comes to these topics. 

The website answers popular tech world of questions straightforwardly. Also, the visual designs on the webpage offer helpful aids for comprehension that even those less familiar with tech-related jargon can appreciate. 

Notably, these visual aids are pleasing to engage with while contributing significantly to how well ideas are conveyed.

Best Features and Aspects of Splunk’s Website Design

  • Clear and conversational content.
  • Visual enhancements with images, illustrations, and infographics complement the content and make it more engaging.
  • The well-structured navigation menu allows users to find the information they are looking for easily.
  • Resource availability, including training and certification courses, tutorials, documentation, and customer success stories.
  • Community engagement of users fosters a sense of belonging and encourages knowledge sharing.
  • Website accessible across different devices, ensuring a seamless user experience regardless of the platform used.
citrix tech website design | Filament

6. Citrix

Citrix Systems is a leading cloud computing and virtualization company based in the United States. Citrix has established itself as a provider of innovative software solutions that enable secure access to applications and content. 

How Citrix’s Website Design Shows Its Value Proposition and Differentiators

Clear communication of value proposition distinguishes Citrix’s website from others on the market.

Their site design makes relevant information readily accessible while high-quality visuals heighten user engagement with branding concepts.

Digging deeper into Citrix’s website reveals industry-leading analyses, exposing an abundance of invaluable resources covering diverse areas of business leadership informed by customer feedback.

Best Technology Websites Features and Aspects of Citrix’s Website Design Elements

Citrix’s website design incorporates several noteworthy features and aspects best tech website that contribute to its effectiveness:

  • Responsive website design
  • User-friendly structure
  • Compelling call-to-action
  • Interactive elements like product demos, videos, and infographics to create an immersive browsing experience
  • Localization and personalization
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7. HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology platform offering various tools and features for marketing, sales, and customer service teams. It is known for its comprehensive free plan, which provides extensive functionality and supports up to a million contacts.

How HubSpot’s Website Design Educates and Engages Its Visitors

One can’t overlook the effortless blend of information and branding strategies displayed at Hubspot’s company site. The perfect balance between education and entertainment continuously proves successful in stirring engagement among users.

Notably, its remarkable contemporary aesthetics give it a smooth finish while propelling easy exploration through pages.

To ensure user-friendliness throughout a full single page web page, each section of the HubSpot website design remains immaculately arranged.

The neat arrangement ensures swift identification of information.

Best Features and Aspects of HubSpot’s Website Design

  • Comprehensive information about its products, pricing, and features
  • Interactive tools and demos provide hands-on experience with its products 
  • HubSpot’s website design employs visually appealing layouts, high-quality images, and consistent branding
  • The responsive design maintains site usability and readability regardless of the device.
  • Customer testimonials and case studies highlight the success stories of businesses utilizing HubSpot. 
  • Strategically placed and visually distinct calls to action (CTAs) encourage visitors to take the next steps, such as signing up for a free trial, requesting a demo, or contacting the sales team.
github tech website design | Filament

8. GitHub

GitHub is a software service that offers code repository hosting and management. Software development teams use its platform to leverage collaboration, innovation, and security during code development.

How GitHub’s Website Design Showcases Its Innovation and Vision

If you’ve used GitHub’s platform before, you’ve probably loved how it combines simplicity, elegance, and power.

The tech website uses a black and white color scheme, which represents sophistication, contrast, and clarity.

It also features white space, icons, animations, and logos. They give you a feel of what you can expect from GitHub’s products and features.

GitHub has an intuitive and adaptive website design. That means you can comfortably use it on your smartphone or PC.

Best Features and Aspects of GitHub’s Website Design

Now let’s look at the impressive features and aspects the brand offers in its website design. They include:

Simple and secure sign in page: GitHub allows you to sign in to your account seamlessly. You just need your email address or username and password.

Comprehensive and customizable profile design: The brand allows you to customize your profile. It lets you edit your personal details and display your projects, repositories, and following, among others.

Detailed and fully-functional repository page: GitHub has a user-friendly repository page. You won’t have difficulty viewing your repository files, settings, or projects.

The website design also features the following:

  • A collaborative pull request page that allows you to review code changes.
  • An analytical and remedial code-scanning page where you can detect and remedy vulnerabilities in your code.
atlassian tech website design | Filament

9. Atlassian

Atlassian is a renowned software company that provides various tools and solutions to help teams collaborate, organize, and achieve their goals effectively.

The tech company’s brand reflects its values and the user experience it aims to deliver. Atlassian’s mission is to unleash the potential in every team, and it promises to help teams work better together in an agile, open, and scalable way.

How Atlassian’s Website Design Fosters a Community of Writers and Readers

Atlassian creates popular software solutions like Trello and Jira, among others. Its website design also offers readers and writers a platform where they can share knowledge, ideas, and feedback.

The website features diverse, bright colors. These represent the diversity and creativity of writers and readers.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the illustrations, high-quality photos, animations, and icons that give Atlassian a touch of personality and fun.

Would you like to access Atlassian using your tablet, phone, or laptop? You are in luck because the website design is responsive and adapts to your device’s screen size. 

Atlassian also has a blog section featuring articles and a community section for resources.

Best Features and Aspects of Atlassian’s Website Design

Let’s look at the features and aspects of Atlassian’s website design that stand out:

A clear and catchy homepage: Atlassian has a homepage that tells you everything you need to know about its products. A welcome video displays the benefits of collaborating with its services. This move does not leave room for confusion regarding its services, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

User-friendly navigation menu: Atlassian uses a streamlined navigation menu with bold colors. It allows for simple navigation through different sections. Do you want to find a specific product fast? No problem; there’s a search bar to make your work easier.

A grid layout in the products page: Atlassian’s product page features a grid layout which shows you its different products. You’ll be able to identify each product based on their icon, name, and short description that Atlassian displays.

Other sections include:

  • The solutions page features a list layout.
  • The resources page uses a filterable list of resources that will help you learn more about Atlassian services.
  • The events page uses a calendar view.
  • The company page shows Atlassian’s journey.
databricks tech website design | Filament

10. Databricks

Databricks is a prominent data and AI company focused on solving complex challenges for data teams. Their core belief is that data and AI should be accessible to all, driving the company with their commitment to open source, multi-cloud compatibility, and scalability.

How Databricks’ Website Design Reflects its Brand Image and Reputation

When you consider Databricks’ web design, it’s hard not to notice its sleek, professional, and modern look.

The brand uses a blue and white color scheme. These colors represent Databricks’ key pillars; trust, reliability, and intelligence.

As you browse the different sections of Databricks’ website, you’ll notice it employs subtle animation, high-quality images, and interactive elements.

Regardless of your device, you’ll experience impressive page speeds across the website’s pages. 

Best Features and Aspects of Databricks’ Website Design

Now let’s discuss the top features and aspects of Databricks website design. They include:

A clear and user-friendly homepage: Databricks’ homepage is easy to use. One feature that improves overall user experience is bold typography which emphasizes important messages and calls to action.

Easy-to-use navigation menu: Databricks makes it easy for you to navigate the website. So you can easily move between the menu items; products, resources, solutions, company, pricing, and events. The icons and drop-down menus make it neat.

Tabbed layout on the products page: The products page features a tabbed layout that displays Databricks’ technology web design skills. For each tablet, you will be greeted with a brief overview, a list of features, and a video demo.

Grid layout on the Solutions page: The solutions page shows different use cases along with each industry Databricks serves. It also features the success stories of satisfied customers.

Ready to elevate your B2B tech website?

The websites we’ve discussed are examples of inspiration you can use. Have you spotted one that sparked your curiosity? Give your business a boost in this industry with vivid images that showcase your technical expertise.

Use the best tech website design as inspiration for crafting a user-friendly website for your customers. From your web design strategy you can build a website that drives visibility for your brand while spearheading growth against stiff competition.

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