About Us, the Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney

Filament is a digital marketing and advertising agency specialising in making a measurable impact for scaling B2B tech brands and vendor channel programs.

Whether it’s hardware, software or cloud solutions, we make it easier to take new products and services to market, enter new markets and expand your reach with content marketing, search engine optimisation, digital advertising, web designs and development. We’re deeply committed to partner ecosystems.

We embrace the challenges that channel-first businesses face, we understand the complexities, and bring a single minded-focus to making your partnerships your source of greatest strength. We work with organisations across APAC, SE Asia and US, and engage with business leaders to help them attract new prospects, generate demand, nurture leads, and win new customers.

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of our land – Australia. We acknowledge the Cammeraygal People as the traditional custodians of this place we now call North Sydney and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

We're Guided by Our Values

Our values represent the cornerstones of our culture and inform our decision-making, how we work together and how we deliver our services for our clients. Living out our values results in successful long-term relationships between all stakeholders.

We’re high energy.

Behaviour: Be ready to embrace opportunity.

We live for achievement. For us, unlocking potential in the businesses of our clients sets our hearts racing, whether it’s solving complex problems or helping them engage with possibility. We’re always ready to collaborate and support.

We’re rigourous.

Behaviour: Question. Adapt. Refine.

We believe successful marketing should be systematic. Audiences, attention and touchpoints are becoming ever-fragmented. We want to bring order, clarity and efficiency for business leaders by creating robust, adaptable solutions.

We’re focused.

Behaviour: Direct attention where it matters.

We’re sharp. Working at the intersection of organisational strategy, marketing strategy and sales strategy, we take a whole of customer value approach, and use it to generate measurable outcomes. We focus on what matters.

We’re courageous.

Behaviour: Don’t hold back.

Stride fearlessly. The future is exciting. Yes, the unknown can be unnerving, but by seeing change as opportunity, and committing to bold objectives, we don’t just improve what’s gone before, we transform it.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jeremy Balius

Co-founder & Managing Director

Jeremy brings nearly a decade of agency leadership working with global tech brands and their partners, including VMware, Veeam, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp and many others. Jeremy’s favourite pastime is trail running.

Nick Horton

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Nick’s extensive B2B tech leadership background includes appointments as Managing Director, MENA at Blackberry, Vice President of Marketing at Norwood Systems and Director of Sales at Intuit. Nick’s favourite pastime is tennis.

Luke Mason

Finance Director

Luke has over 16 years of experience blending strong financial leadership and management skills with commercial and strategic oversight, while leading compliance and governance programs as both an executive, and board member. Luke’s favourite pastime is cricket.

“We make it easier than ever for B2B tech marketing leaders to access the expertise and capability they need to grow their lead flow and revenue. With our extensive experience in complex ecosystems, we have the empathy, experience and know-how to understand our clients’ challenges. We’re able to get their demand gen and lead gen programs up and running more quickly as a result. Vendor channel marketers trust us with their partner enablement due to our track record of effectively deploying their Market Development Funds (MDF) to grow opportunity for their partners.”

Nick Horton

You benefit from working with Filament, the digital marketing agency based in Sydney

By leveraging the expertise and resources of Filament as your digital marketing agency, your B2B tech business can benefit from a more refined strategy, increased efficiency, and ultimately, improved visibility and demand gen performance in the digital space.

Our B2B tech expertise drives velocity

We have an in-depth understanding of tech ecosystems, which means we’re able to collaborate faster and more efficiently with you to articulate data-driven strategy and drive velocity to your demand gen programs.

Access a team of digital marketing experts

Hiring a single marketing manager for your company limits your potential. Working with an agency like Filament that understands your full sales lifecycle will ensure your support is structured to align with your needs.

Capacity is scalable

It can be challenging to scale up your marketing efforts by expanding your marketing team and hiring multiple resources. Working with Filament helps you scale as you need. We can help your business adapt and ramp up more quickly without the footprint.

Always on and reliable consistency

You’re already managing the day-to-day while also overcoming unforeseen challenges. Expanding your digital marketing while managing everything else can be tough. Engaging with Filament ensures your marketing expands and is always on with reliable consistency.

Unlock more MDF opportunities from your vendors

Filament has extensive experience supporting vendors and partners with MDF. We can help you access more MDF opportunities from your vendor partners in order to increase brand awareness, generate more demand and qualify more leads to nurture.

Continuous improvement delivers optimal results

We help you monitor and gain insights of your digital marketing, enabling us to make data-driven adjustments as needed to achieve the best possible results. This continuously improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.

“The hyper-competitive B2B technology landscape is growing and changing rapidly. Meanwhile B2B buying cycles are long, partner ecosystems are complex, customer demands are shifting and vendors are increasingly needing to support their channel and alliance partners with impactful enablement across a range of territories. Tech brands need reliable strategic partners who can help them navigate these challenges and grow market share. That’s why Filament is well-positioned to support scaling B2B tech brands and vendor partner programs with insights-led digital marketing to stand out with compelling value propositions to attract and convert their ideal customer profiles.”

Jeremy Balius

Our Alliance Partners and Technology Vendors

Our alliance partner community and technology vendors enable us to build great things for our clients.

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Sydney Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the best digital marketing agency for your business?

With so many digital marketing companies out there, it’s challenging to choose the best agency to fulfil your marketing needs. When assessing the best digital marketing agencies in Sydney, you need to look for specific elements to ensure you’re picking the best team to support you.

Here are some tips for features you should look for in a digital agency and consider while making your decision.

Make sure your agency is outcomes focussed.

The right agency will help you map out how you to meet your goals. So long as you know your desired outcomes, a leading digital marketing agency should be explicitly focused on getting you there.

If you’re not sure what your desired outcomes are, then your agency should help you establish what they are and how to measure success.

Make sure your agency is proactive.

Working with an agency means you’re handing over a lot of headwork to a team of experts. Campaigns require proactive management to stay relevant and are not the type of thing you want to set and forget. The best digital agency should be consistently working to help you expand and adapt.

Make sure your agency has clear pricing and discussed ROI with you.

Whether you’re a business owner or leader, you’ll be looking for detail on what you are going to spend, why it’s important and what you are likely to receive for it in return.

Having meaningful discussions about ROI expectations in the context of upfront pricing helps build trust between teams.

Make sure your agency is data-driven and transparent.

Part of the ROI discussion is the use of transparent metrics. Tracking different marketing data points shows what’s working and what’s not in your marketing strategy. A lack of transparency is not ideal.

To be as specific and trustworthy as possible, your digital marketing agency should use data to guide decision making. Evidence-based decision making should be a core strength of the digital marketing agency you appoint.

What does a Sydney digital marketing agency do?

Sydney-based digital marketing agencies focus on developing and implementing the right digital strategy to achieve your business objectives. There are some key digital marketing services that top digital marketing agencies should do for their clients.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Every strategy starts with a goal. In most cases, this goal is to acquire and convert new leads. Whether you’re looking for a macro approach or targeting a granular audience, the digital world provides solutions to reach every demographic.

The types of strategies we most commonly support Sydney businesses with are:

  • Go-to-market strategies to take new products and services to market
  • New market entry strategies to take existing products and services into new markets, verticals or niches
  • Strategies to expand your reach to increase brand awareness, generate demand for products and services and generate leads.

Digital Campaigns and Content Marketing

Digital campaigns and content marketing are core to your strategy. Successful campaigns promote your content on social media channels, emails, and even pay-per-click campaigns in your search engine marketing.

A successful digital campaign includes a combination of carefully planned strategies, compelling content, and targeting relevant audiences. Key components of a digital campaign may include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

By analysing and optimising the performance of various elements in a digital campaign, marketers can adapt and improve their strategies to achieve the desired outcomes, maximise return on investment (ROI), and foster strong relationships with their target audience.

Email Marketing

Any successful business has an existing database of email addresses of leads. If you don’t, we can help you set one up. Once you have your email list, or database, it’s time to start sharing your content.

The purpose of email marketing is to build relationships with customers, maintain existing customer relationships, promote new products or services, and ultimately drive engagement and sales.

The best email marketing is specifically targeted at the right audiences who have already shown an interest in your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a tried and true method to drive organic (non-paid) traffic to a website by making it more user-friendly, relevant, and accessible to search engines like Google and Bing. The intention is to improve the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). A deep understanding of Google tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics can provide clarity around current performance as well as opportunities to take advantage of.

One size does not fit all when it comes to SEO, especially when considering local SEO, technical SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. Building an agile and efficient SEO approach is best developed bespoke for each of our clients and their unique business goals.

Digital Advertising & Social Media Advertising

Your target audience uses their phones, tablets, and computers all the time. Digital advertising allows your company to reach people no matter where they are, whether you’re targeting in the Sydney area, more broadly across Australia or even internationally.

The best thing about this type of advertising, which is sometimes referred to as pay per click advertising, is the flexibility in reaching target demographics. Improving ad conversion rate and driving target buyer personas to your website is critical to the performance of ad campaigns.

There are many types of digital advertising platforms and channels, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or Paid Search, social media advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook, also known as Paid Social, as well as advertising via media publications and other networks. The purpose is generally to reach audiences on social and drive some form of action such as website traffic.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another term for digital advertising and generally refers Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords.

SEM is a little different to SEO. With SEM you use tools like Google Ads on a pay-per-click basis. This is sometimes called pay per click advertising or PPC and is facilitated or managed by a Google Ads agency.

That way, when people search a specific term related to your business, you’ll appear. If the prospective lead clicks on your Google Ads, that’s when you pay the search engine. As Google Ads experts, we strategise the most optimal solution for you and your target audiences. From here, we’ll continue to help the lead conversion process.

Web Design and Development

Let’s be honest, your business doesn’t exist unless you have a website. A compelling website validates consumer interest and elicits trust in using your service or purchasing from your organisation. Companies without a website struggle to acquire any growth in the modern world.

A comprehensive website design, website development, and website implementation service can align with an online customer journey and increase engagement. With the right web design services, your new website can create brand visibility, reach the right audience in search results on Google, drive traffic, generate quality leads.

Web design and content focused on your target customers is a great way to increase your reach.

Does digital marketing even still work in 2023?

Yes, digital marketing absolutely works in 2023! It’s one of the most significant parts of generating demand and driving growth for businesses.

The landscape of how buyers research online is constantly evolving, which means digital marketing continues to play a critical role in reaching customers and generating leads for businesses of all sizes.

As technology advances and B2B buyer habits change, digital marketing strategies also adapt to new platforms, trends, and opportunities for connecting with potential customers.

Some key digital marketing components in 2023 include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation.

By leveraging these strategies and keeping on top of current best practices, businesses can effectively reach their target audience, engage potential customers, and drive growth.

However, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends, emerging technologies, and best practices in digital marketing to ensure your campaigns remain effective and deliver a strong return on investment (ROI). This includes continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization of your marketing efforts, using data-driven insights to improve your strategies.

How much do Sydney digital marketing agencies cost?

No two marketing strategies are the same. Each company has a unique set of goals, customers, budgets, and more. Costs relating to digital marketing agencies vary depending depending on several factors, such the size of the agency, its location, the scope of provided services, and your business’s specific needs.

Some agencies may offer a range of packages or services with different pricing structures.

Online advertising costs by the channel. Choosing the right channels depends on your target audience. Your budget is also important to establish ahead of time.

Your business should have complete control over what you spend. Using data-driven analytics to guide decision-making helps reduce cost through strategic action. It may also be helpful to discuss your budget and expectations with the agency to ensure you get the services that best fit your business.