B2B Tech Marketing Talks Podcast Guest Application

Welcome to B2B Tech Marketing Talks podcast, a series tailored specifically for leaders and forward-thinkers working in the B2B technology industry.

Thank you for wanting to be a guest on the show!

Whether you’re a veteran podcaster or a first-timer, we’ll have a great conversation about the topic you are submitting. We keep the interviews casual while delivering high-impact content to our audience.

What we are looking for

We’re looking for engaging conversations that cover a range of topics related to B2B tech marketing.

This could include effective partner marketing tactics, Go-to-Market strategies for B2B tech companies, best practices for channel marketing or Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and so much more.

Check out previous B2B Tech Marketing Talks podcast episodes to get a feel for relevant topics.

What we are not looking for

We’re not looking for blatant advertising of your business. This is about sharing expertise to help leaders and marketers navigate their way through the complexities of the B2B tech landscape.

About the application

Please note this is an application form, not a scheduling form.

If we think the topic you are submitting is relevant to B2B Tech Marketing Talks, we will be in touch with next steps. Response times will vary.

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