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Introducing the Filament Editorial Team - an exceptional group of seasoned B2B copywriters, meticulous editors, and skilled SEO writers. This cohesive unit blends deep industry knowledge with unerring editorial skills to craft content that not only informs, but also 'sells off the page.'

Every web page or article attributed to our team as the author is the result of multiple individuals bringing their expertise to the content.

As a team, we aim to bring together rich perspectives from the rapidly-evolving B2B tech marketing landscape. We understand the industry's complex ecosystems and work relentlessly to articulate concepts in a manner that's compelling, insightful, and valuable to our audience.

Whether we're creating content clusters for topical authority, in-depth articles, insightful blog posts or solutions pages that detail our services, our team's strength lies in the diversity of our experiences and our unified passion for the tech industry.

In some cases, some sections of content attributed to the team may have been first developed by a team member prompting Large Language Models. These sections are reviewed, edited and checked by human team members. We do not publish AI-generated content outright.

In other cases, content attributed to the Editorial Team may consist of transcripts from thought-provoking discussions between Filament staff. These are also reviewed, edited and checked by human team members before publishing.

The Filament Editorial Team is committed to providing clear, concise, and engaging content that encapsulates the heart of B2B tech marketing. We are not just writers and editors; we are strategists who understand the power of well-crafted words.

We hope our content not only informs but also influences, driving results that resonate throughout the industry.